WENB Share PES3D Impressions

Published at 9:07 am, Monday, 21 March 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

The guys over at WENB have posted up a 7 minute video of PES3D on their Youtube channel.

They have also shared their initial impressions on the upcoming PES 3D title. 

Below is just a snippet from their full description, which you can find on their website (link below);

"There’s no doubt about it, as soon as you start up the game you’re looking for the impact 3D has on the game. Visions of seeing players pop out of the screen, or have a sensation of the football flying straight at you certainly come to mind, but overall the 3D element is a side dish to the main course. That’s not a slight on the game or Konami, after all the machine has a slider that allows you to turn 3D off. But due to this option, hoping for the 3D element to have any significant impact would be too much."

The above text is just a snippet of their article, so be sure to go check out their full impressions on their page here.

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