Konami To Shut Down Online Play?

There is speculation that's suggesting that Konami could temporarily shut down the servers for PES 2011 online play.

The Japanese developers have already shut down the servers for Metal Gear Solid, in an attempt to conserve energy for restoration efforts. Although we don't expect Konami to do the same with servers for PES, we can't rule anything out at the moment.

I am sure you've seen the devastating footage of the violent shakes, tsunamis and everything else that has resulted from the record-breaking 8.9 magnitude earthquake. So I'd like to stress, if the PES servers do go down, then please remember things could be much worse for you right now. Accept and respect the noble decision from Konami and please do not moan, if they need to shut down online play for a little while.

Of course, our thoughts at this time remain with anyone affected by the quake.

If you would like to help with the relief work in Japan, please don't hesitate to donate to The Red Cross now.

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