Konami To Improve Their Copa Libertadores License For PES 2012?

Lately, my twitter account has been swamped with questions regarding the Copa Libertadores mode for PES 2012 - which in turn, has inspired me to write this particular piece.

The PES fan-base in South America is growing rapidly, and the introduction of the Copa Libertadores game mode in PES 2011 has no doubt, been a huge contributing factor to it's growth. But disappointingly, there are licensing restrictions holding back from players being able to use all teams from the South American Champions League in every game mode.

Despite doing the CONMEBOL justice, and adding their most prestigious competition into a PES title for the first and only time, Konami could not acquire a full license sadly. But I'm sure you already know all of this, so I will move on.

I began wondering whether Konami will try to negotiate an improved deal in time for PES 2012. After about 20 seconds of research, I bumped into a copy of the official press release from Konami Japan, when the deal was originally announced.

I'll get strait to the point, and just post the last sentence from the original statement released by Konami:

"KONAMI will continuously work with the franchise to add more depth to the realistic football game experience and relay the exciting momentum as well as aim to contribute to the football cultures.”

I have no concrete news yet, and this is purely just speculation, but I believe there is a chance that a full Copa Libertadores mode will be available for PES 2012.

Although I accept that my belief is based on a lot of hope, the fact that Konami have said that they "will continuously work with the franchise to add more depth to the realistic football game experience" suggests to me that they will attempt to make an improvement on their current deal.

The fact that the South American market is one for the taking, is also giving me a promising outlook on the possible new and improved deal. Currently, EA Sports own only 2 South American licenses (Brazilian and Mexican Premier Leagues) so there are many countries with football gamers that are waiting for someone to pounce on their national top division.

I also feel it's fair to say that the majority of these people would be turned by licenses, rather than things like gameplay. And sure, I appreciate that Konami will never go for the Liga de FĂștbol Profesional Boliviano, but I see no reason why they shouldn't take the opportunity and go for the next best thing - a fully-licensed Copa Libertadores.

What better way to win these potential customers, than to acquire a full license for their continents biggest and most recognized competition?

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