Football Duty Calls...

Published at 9:00 am, Monday, 7 March 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

Alright guys, as you may already know, I'm leaving for Barcelona this morning to watch The mighty Arsenal attempt to try and do the impossible.

Apparently, my hotel has "free Wi-Fi" so I should be able to keep in touch with you guys on Twitter (@onlyproevo). If I don't, then you know that I've run into difficulties...

I plan to use my Twitter account regularly out there (well, whenever I'm in my hotel room) so if you're following me, you won't have a problem with keeping in touch with the latest going-ons from us.

However, I'm sorry to say that I won't update the blog that much - if at all - so if you aren't already on Twitter, I suggest you sign up now and follow me, if you would like to keep in touch with me while I'm away.

... In case you're wondering, I get back Friday. I hope I don't miss too much PES news, whilst I'm away. Anyway, I hope to talk to you guys over there, providing that my hotel's Wi-Fi has no problems.

Come on you Gunners.

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