The Waiting Game...

I trust you've all gotten over the disappointing news about the mid-March DLC... You have? Good. Now I can move on...

True, it's frustrating to think that in another world, we would be able to play with updated teams. Like me, I'm certain some of you have updated some of the major transfers, just to kill a bit of time between now and next month. On that note, it's pretty cool playing with Liverpool and playing Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez upfront - despite both players needing serious stat increases!

In other news, Jon Murphy is currently away on holiday, so for once, he won't be the man to keep us PES fans updated with the plans of Konami. However, you'll be pleased to hear that he has asked a colleague to keep us in the know with the latest going-ons with the DLC - and other PES news of course.

Jon has said that the official PES 2011 Facebook group is the best place to go, if you want to be updated with the details of the upcoming DLC - as well as onlyproevolutions too!

Finally, if you're wondering, JM will be away for 2 weeks. So when he returns, we should be just days away from getting our hands on the hugely-anticipated DLC.

Fingers crossed.

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