Transfer Deadline Day: The Aftermath

Published at 12:12 pm, Tuesday, 1 February 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

After a huge transfer deadline day, we've seen a number of seemingly significant transfers in the world of football. However, it was the Barclays Premier League which saw the greatest number of mega-lucrative deals.

The first and most obvious standout; Fernando Torres left Anfield and made a £50m switch to their London-based rivals, Chelsea. No doubt London FC will be a great force in PES now, after the upcoming DLC release. With attacking options such as Torres, Drogba, Anelka and Malouda, they'll be "up there" competing with Real Madrid, in terms of PES anyway.

Although Liverpool fans have been left heartbroken by the actions of El NiƱo, it wasn't all bad. They were able to bring in Luis Suarez from Ajax and Andy Carroll from Newcastle. It's certainly debatable whether they've had a "bad" transfer window, or not. Although I'm sure Konami will now face problems, as the majority of Liverpool PES fans will now be demanding that Andy Carroll has an enormous stat increase!

As an Arsenal fan, it was a standard transfer deadline day. I had no expectations of us signing anyone, and of course, I got what I expected in the end. Despite everything, I am content with the already great side we have, and fully believe we can win the league.

Apologies to you, if I have missed out your teams' transfers, but after all, this is a Pro Evo blog. But I'm sure you'll cope... well, I hope you do!

Moving on, I feel the new DLC will bring a whole new aspect to PES 2011, especially after such an active transfer window. I think the first thing I'll do once I have installed the DLC, is head into Exhibition Mode and play a game with Chelsea against Liverpool - or vice-versa.

It'll certainly be interesting, but maybe not as entertaining as the real match that's taking place this Sunday afternoon, at Stamford Bridge.

Expect an intimidating atmosphere, 'Nando.

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