To Boost Or Not To Boost?

With the mid-March DLC only a matter of weeks away, I began thinking about which players should recieve an update - assuming that Konami are going to include stat updates, of course.

Although no official details have been announced - yet, I would be incredibly surprised if Konami didn't choose to tweak the stats of those players who have under/over-performed so far this campaign.

So without further ado, here are my thoughts ahead of the upcoming DLC release. Increases are in green, whereas decreases are in red:

Jack Wilshere - He's become a huge part of the Arsenal midfield (and England too!), and has shown he can compete against the best. Against Barcelona, he handled both Xavi and Iniesta, with no real problems.

Wojciech Szczęsny - Pretty self-explanatory. He's the new Arsenal number 1 and has made no mistakes. He has also pulled off some fantastic saves. Definitely a player who oozes confidence, despite being so young and in-experienced.

Laurent Koscielny/Johan Djourou -They've both been given huge tasks, but played very well, since coming in to replace the injured Thomas Vermaelen.

Andy Carrol and Luis Suarez - I have transferred both of these players to Liverpool manually, and it's clear that the stats do not represent the true attributes of both players in real life. A boost is vital here. If not, then Konami should expect a huge uproar from the red side of the Mersey.

Martin Kelly - A young player, who has impressive me greatly since coming in to the Liverpool side. A good first impression for me, that should surely see him be rewarded with a stats boost.

Charlie Adam - Like most players in "small" teams on PES, Adam is hugely underrated. Despite missing out on a move to Anfield, I feel Konami should still take action and bump up his passing, shooting and technical stats.

Leighton Baines - Probably one of the most consistent left backs in the country at the moment. Also a great free-kick taker who I feel, is hugely underrated in PES. A player who much-deserves a boost.

On the other hand, I feel the following players are just some of the set that should receive a stats decrease. Fernando Torres, Wayne Rooney, Kaka, Emmanuel Adebayor, Ryan Babel, Jamie Carragher and Michael Owen - who all, for me, haven't lived up to their hype during the current campaign.

As you can see, I've concentrated mainly on the Premier League (most especially Arsenal), so I would love to see you guys share your own opinions - on other leagues especially - by posting a comment below.

Finally, I hope you appreciate that I didn't have time to include everyone. I know that I've missed out a lot of players!

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