Snow To Make A Return To PES?

Published at 9:13 am, Monday, 24 January 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

I think I have a problem. My mind can't stop thinking about PES 2012.

I don't know why, as the release date is so far away. I also feel a little concerned because there isn't a huge amount of PES 2012 news floating around the net either - okay, there's none!

Although Konami have been working on PES 2012 for a long time now (they were working on PES 2012 before PES 2011 was even released!), there's still a lot of time until the developers create the finished product.

As you'll probably know, Konami keep a close relationship with their fan base. Each year, they listen to ideas suggested by the fans, and even incorporate some of the better ideas (from their point of view) into the next Pro Evolution Soccer title.

At this moment in time, the PESFan forums are probably the best place to post your ideas. If you want your voice heard, I would suggest you signing up there and post your thoughts here in the Have Your Say section.

If you are wondering whether there is thread already made suggesting that snow should make a return, you can find the thread - made by me - here.

Obviously, any support would be very helpful so I would appreciate if you could vote "yes" - but only if you believe in the campaign, of course.

Let's see how far this goes...

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