Mark Lawrenson To FIFA?!

Published at 12:46 pm, Thursday, 27 January 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

I think we've all heard enough about the sexism debate at Sky, so I will do you all a favour and stay clear from the debate.

Anyway... with that in mind, it's logical to accept that EA Sports will start their search for a replacement for their next title, FIFA 12.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it would be understandable if Gray was axed from the video game too, after the terrible year he's had - yes, I know it's still January, but he's going to have to do something pretty special to make 2011 a "good year" for himself.

If he does go, then EA will have to replace him. I mean, they can't exactly let Martin Tyler commentate on his own - that would exterminate their sales, quite literally!

As a PES fan, I'm not usually up for lending my advice to improve FIFA. But now, I've matured. I've come to realise that "it's just a game" after all and from now, I need to relax a bit more.

So here's my tip to EA; Give Mark Lawrenson a contract for FIFA 12!

He was great in PES. So great, that Konami simply couldn't afford to renew him for PES 2011. For those of you who missed out on "the glory days of Lawro", check out this video highlighting a few of his classic moments - as well as a few corkers from Jon Champion:

You should take me seriously here. Know what I mean?

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