I Miss Random Selection Matches...

Konami, please bring back random selection matches.

We mentioned our desire to see this game mode return in our 100th post spectacular, but we'd just like to make a special announcement regarding our position bringing this game mode back.

I'm not sure why Konami took this feature out and still, after all this time, I feel they have made two big mistakes. The first being the fact that they took it out in the first place, and then again for not bringing the game mode back.

With any game, including PES, our desire to play can burn out at times and we need things to motivate us to continue playing. In my opinion, random selection matches was the best feature that re-ignited my desire to play the game.

As I would imagine, like most of you, I fully support this game mode making a return in PES 2012.

If you are reading this and you are from Konami, I assure you that the return of this feature would bring smiles to every player who experienced RSM in the "old school"  days of the series.

I also feel confident that the latest influx of new players would feel be left impressed. If they could feel how I did all those years ago, then you've done well. Obviously, it's not going to be the deciding factor that determines whether the game is successful or not, but I adamant it would help greatly.

And likewise, if you are a keen player of PES. Please support this idea. Konami listen to their fan base each year, considering the top suggestions. I believe this isn't too much of a big ask - and with a little support, we might be able to bring back this glorious gamemode.

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