Futsal In PES 2012?

Published at 12:59 pm, Monday, 10 January 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

Would you welcome the introduction of futsal into the PES 2012?

Like most of you, I'm a hardcore PES fan and I often find myself considering new features that Konami should (in my opinion) install into the Pro Evolution Soccer series.

One that has been on my mind for a number of years now, is a futsal game mode.

I would like to see the introduction of indoor football into the series.

I remember the good ol' days of playing indoor football on FIFA 97 on my Sega Mega Drive. Although EA soon decided to ditch the game mode, the gamble shown by the developers proved worth it in the end - in my opinion anyway.

So, is it time for Konami to introduce a futsal game mode in PES 2012, or is it too much of a gamble?

Would the work - and time - needed for this compromise other, more important features which should be prioritized ahead of this idea?

You can read more about the game of futsal here, on the Wikipedia page.

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