Should Competition Matches Be Made Longer?

As an avid member of the online community, I'm always keep to discuss possible improvements to make players' experiences more enjoyable.

One idea that I've seen recently is the suggestion to increase online competition matches to 10 minutes.

I myself agree with this suggestion - although I think the current system should be kept too. 5 minute matches should remain available. However players should also get the the option of playing 10 minute matches.

Different players like different match options.

As a long-time player of PES, I can understand why people would want to play 5 minute matches. It's a quick way of getting your rating up, as well as having the opportunity to play many different opponents. Being limited to 5 minutes also increases the importance of finishing your chances, which is understadably fun for some players. Despite preferring 10 minute matches, I find all these points luring.

However, I feel it would be beneficial for everyone if Konami could introduce a choice when joining a competition. (I hope you all understand that my point demands that players playing different match times could not play each other).

It's a simple enough feature for Konami to introduce that would certainly make online play feel as if it was "engineered for freedom".

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