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A milestone is always fun. Here at Only Pro Evolutions, we pride ourselves on making our readers' experience the best it can possibly be. We provide daily posts to keep PES fans in the know, and aim to please all members of the community. OPE started with high hopes and great ambition - and that still remains today.

Today is a proud day for us, as the blog has reached 100 posts. We'd just like to take this special opportunity to thank everyone that has inspired us to keep going. Whether you've followed us on Twitter, a fan of our Facebook page, a member of our new forum, or just a daily reader of the blog, we really couldn't have done this all without you.

Anyway, here's your reward. I feel I've played enough of the game to spot what we need next year for PES 2012 and I'd like to share my thoughts and ideas with you. I hope you enjoy reading my list, and please, be sure to leave your comments.

1. Fix the cursor change problem bug. It's been a problem throughout PES 2011, and even with the latest patch installed, players are still struggling with this bug.

2. Have harsher punishments for online cheaters. Naming and shaming such players (after banning them and reporting them to Microsoft for example) would be a good precedent to set, and would certainly make players think whether it's actually worth cheating.

3. Again, improve referees. There are too many "wrong" decisions that shouldn't crop up so often. Dealing with the occasional refereeing mistakes is okay, but sometimes it can just get too frustrating. Players winning the ball, coming from the side is not a foul.

4. Improve AI - especially when attacking. Player runs are poor. I'll be waiting for my forwards to make a run, so I can provide them with a through ball but the run never comes... Players should be more direct in cases like here.

5. Improve CPU free kicks. If they shoot, they seem to score nearly every time which is very unrealistic. Also, they should stop players from kicking it straight out when they are in a perfectly good shooting position. (you can find my report on the bug here, explaining the details of the problem).

6.  Reduce/wipe out unrealistic ball physics. I mean when players have their back to goal, but somehow are able to shoot 40 foot in the air. I'm also taking about when you clear the ball on a half-volley for example, and the ball travels the whole distance of the pitch.

7. Touch up a few goalkeeping errors. For me, they've improved greatly but still need a little more work on. I'm not too sure on whether Konami will attend to this though, so I won't go into details.

8. Improve the commentary. Again, it's been improved (no more Lawro!) but more lines should be available for both commentators to say. Also wipe out the glitch when both Champion and Beglin talk at the same time, for 5 seconds each.

9. Introduce a replay frequency option. Enable "full", "major incidents only" and "none" options so that players have the choice.

10. Enable "quick throw-ins". It's realistic. And also, it will stop players from losing the ball because they don't take throw-ins immediately.

11. This is an 360-related suggestion. Konami should strike a deal with Konami that allows 360 players to have the same Edit Mode privileges as the PS3.

12. Reduce the insanely random transfers - especially when the market activity is set to low. I don't want to see Steven Gerrard playing for Man United - this has happened every year for me by the way since PES 2008!

13. Improve the realism of stamina with players. Penalise players for constantly sprinting with their Messi's, Ronaldo's etc. Make them tire out more easily, so that they are forced to actually play football, rather than just "whoring".

14. Bring back Random Selection Matches! They were great. Even when I grew tired of playing Master League, this game mode completely re-ignited my desire to play. It was also fantastically fun to play with your friends.

15. Bring back the ability to mix and match kits. Also, include 3rd kits too. I know they are license issues restricting this, but it's still something I'd love to see.

16. Invest in new licenses. I'm not sure on the chances of this, but I'd like to see more European teams in the game. Maybe even see teams from other continents licensed - such as Asia and America.

17. Leading from the last point, I'd like to see the ability to play with all Copa Libertadores teams. I'm confident this will happen.

18. Introduce under 21 teams. I had an option file that included this, and it was insanely fun. Konami wouldn't have to go full out, but just include the major teams from around the world - I wouldn't want to play with the Iraqi U21's anyway!

19. Replicate (steal isn't a good word) the FIFA penalty system. I feel the current one we have on PES is far too inconsistent and worryingly delicate.

20. Improve minor things within the game:
  • Prevent the referee from wearing the same colour kit as me.
  • Improve descriptions in the game. I'm not entirely sure they use translators, but the English isn't great at times.
  • More licensed stadiums. As an Arsenal fan, Emirates please!
  • Improve matchmaking. Not that online play is a problem for me, but I read a lot of stories from people online.
  • Allow the ability to change teams in ML. Also, allow you to edit your kit in ML mode rather than making "custom" kits in Edit mode.
  • Add more slots for editing. There are many option file creators out there (including myself to an extent) that would jump on the the chance to make more teams/players/etc. 

So that's it. My 20 (okay, a few more...) things that I'd like to see Konami include next year in PES 2012.

I hope you enjoyed reading my list.

And again, thank you for the support. Here's to another 100... at least!

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