New Free Kick (Post Patch) Glitch?

Published at 12:03 pm, Thursday, 2 December 2010
Author: Mike Harvey |

The patch that has recently become available to most PES players (it's still not in the US by the way). It brought such happiness to fans, and it looked like Konami had finally given us a completed product - something that we haven't seen since PES6 in my opinion.

Obviously, I've been playing quite a lot of PES 2011 lately. My love for the game never died, but the patch certainly reignited my passion for playing.

Anyway, I think I've noticed a problem on the game that has come after the patch.

Each time my CPU opponent gets a free kick, they always kick it out for a goal kick. Even if they're 20 yards out, with a perfect scoring opportunity, they always kick it straight out and I'm given a goal kick.

As a footballer (and PES player), you will always prefer your opponent to fluff his free kick. But when it happens every time, and you know it's going to happen each time you hack your opponent down - yes, it's going to be encouraged - it doesn't feel realistic at all.

Konami have obviously tried to fix the initial free kick problem. I'm sure you would have picked up on the fact that the CPU used to score 99% of free kicks - again, making the game unrealistic. Rightly so, people moaned about it then. But to be honest, I'd prefer my opponent to score, rather than just hoofing it out every time.

The PES developers have tried to reduce the free kick success rate, but I feel they've got it wrong.

Will they release another patch to resolve this problem? Maybe. I think they should.

But like I've mentioned before, it's frustrating that they get things wrong when trying to improve things. It's understandable that tweaking the code is a very, very fragile process but that won't stop me from moaning - and many other PES fans for that matter!

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