Should PES 2012 MLO Have A Salary Cap?

I used to love playing Master League Online. The satisfaction I got from building up my team, grinding out wins against better teams, and really working to get decent revenue, was something really special. I could play game, after game, after game - and not get bored.

Sadly, those days are gone for me now. I still play MLO occasionally, but it seems that I can't get the same thrill that I did when I first started playing.

There's a few reasons why this has happened, but my main one is the fact I got tired of playing the super teams. I don't mind playing decent teams every now and then - don't get me wrong, it's a good challenge. But I can't stand playing (pretty much) the same team every game - I get enough of that during ranked games!

Understandably, with unlimited funds, people are always going to buy the same squad - give or take a few players. Naturally, I find it very tedious to go against teams where Pique is defending at the back, Gerrard and Xavi are in the middle, with Messi, Torres and Villa up top.

This makes me feel that Konami should introduce a salary cap in MLO, to prevent players from getting the "perfect" team. A cap would be beneficial as people would have to think about which players to buy, and also which positions to invest in.

Here is an example of a "good team" with my suggested salary cap rule implemented:


Maicon   Jagielka   Pique   Bridge

Nasri   Cahill   Gerrard   Jesus Navas

Torres   Gilardino

Appreciate that I spent about 2 minutes thinking of a team, so it may not be perfect...

Despite that, I feel it illustrates my point well. It's a good team. Not incredible team, but not a poor one either. I would enjoy playing with this team. I would do well with this team - yet the challenge would remain. And if I got bought, I could just substitute a player for another one of similar value.

Obviously, this idea is too late for the current title (we've already had way too many problems regarding MLO!) but I feel Konami should adopt a salary cap for PES 2012. It would make the game more fair, less boring and predictable, while also forcing players to make a choice whether they prioritise their forward players ahead of their defending players - or vice versa.

It would give us the chance to mix and match our teams, allowing MLO matches to be based upon recognising weaknesses in your opponents team and using that for your advantage. A real tactical mind-game.

I will certainly forward this on to Konami, and I'd appreciate your support if you agree with me. Either way, leave a comment to tell me what you think of the idea.

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