Patch Details To Be Announced At 2PM Today...

Published at 11:29 am, Friday, 19 November 2010
Author: Mike Harvey |

I wasn't planning on posting anything while I'm away this weekend but as I expected, big news has hit as soon as I leave my desk.

Anyway, here's the latest tweet from Jon Murphy, confirming that patch details will be announced - finally!

"Very good news everyone. Patch details and release date will be announced later today"

The news is huge apparently that will please us fans immensely. Details will be released at 2 o'clock today, so hold tight.

The other good news is Daymos' 360 option file is just days away from being released. He has said that he will start posting the USB sticks on Monday, which suggests we'll have a download link before that.

Sorry for the plain post. I usually take pride in the post appearances but my iPhone makes it very limiting. But alas, this news needed to be delivered.

Hope you are happy with this news, and ensure you have a good weekend!

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