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Published at 2:08 pm, Friday, 19 November 2010
Author: Mike Harvey |

We've all been waiting, and now the time has arrived.

Below are the patch details, including an official press release from Konami.

Released November 24th
* AI pressure more in certain situation (especially when crossing).
* Cursor switching improved, including when ball is crossed.
* Difficulty and success rate of Rainbow Flicks has been changed (more difficult).
* Transfer fees in ML has been reworked.
* You can turn off player names above CPU players.
* Shooting has been tweaked.
* Chants have been refined/changed.

Official press release

KONAMI details latest PES 2011 update for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has revealed the content for the latest free update for its PES 2011 title.

The update will be automatically downloaded from 24th November, and adjusts the defender AI to allow for more consistent pressing from various situations and includes a series of alterations based on feedback from users. The difficulty and success rate of Rainbow Flicks has been adjusted to improve gameplay, while throw-ins can now be passed back to the taker. Cursor switching has been generally been improved including situations when the ball is crossed, while the way transfer fees are calculated in Master League has been reworked. Names above CPU players can also now be switched off as they mimic player settings. Shooting has also be tweaked to produce more realistic reactions and results depending on real-time situations.

Some chants within the game have also been refined or changed, and PC owners using relatively low-spec machines will also be able to find matches more easily within the game’s Legends mode

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