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Published at 3:20 pm, Tuesday, 9 November 2010
Author: Mike Harvey |

As most of you will know, the OPE Championship kicked off this week, and games have been taking place regularly each day, with all players enjoying their matches.

I have only played two members of the league, but I've enjoyed playing both players. Myself and Jakeh12 have been playing a lot of games, usually myself being Cameroon and him opting for Denmark.

The highlight today being me winning 5-2, including Eto'o scoring five, including a delightful free-kick. I also played MrMoon37 last night for two games. He won both games, due to his impressive defending skills, and also my own mistakes at the back.

I'm satisfied with how well the league has done, in its first week. I've spoken to each player about their thoughts, and they have both seemed to enjoy the games.

But things are only just getting started. We need more members, and more games too. So if you're on 360, and fancy a challenge online, then sign up to the league using the details below:

Friend Name: Any
Owners Language: Any
Search String: @onlyproevo
Search In: Comment
Days Active - SUN-SAT
Times Active: Any

Further details on how to do that can be found here!

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