Konami To Reset MLO Teams?

Published at 2:14 pm, Wednesday, 10 November 2010
Author: Mike Harvey |

There are rumours circulating round the PES community, suggesting that Konami could reset the Master League Online teams, in order to punish the people who took advantage of the "own goal cheat" before it was fixed.

If this was to go ahead, it's unclear whether Konami would reset the suspected cheaters, or really put the hammer down and reset everyone - which I highly doubt!

Thinking about it, I wouldn't imagine they would reset everyone. The uproar would be huge, from the honest players such as myself, who have worked hard over the last few months and now, have finally got a half decent team (there's obviously still a long way to go...)

Although finding the cheaters would involve a long investigation, checking over previous match results and then deciding whether they should have their squad reset, or not. Would Konami have time for this? I don't think so.

Despite that, I would be thrilled if Konami were to conduct a full investigation, to identify the cheaters and then reset their teams immediately. If they were able to do this, the PES community would appreciate it immensely!

I appreciate that this is just pure speculation, but I feel such a controversial topic brings a lot of discussion to the table.

What are your thoughts?

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