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Published at 4:34 pm, Wednesday, 3 November 2010
Author: Mike Harvey |

I am pleased to confirm that in order to obtain "The Invincibles" achievement/trophy, you do not have to win every game.

Here is the achievement description;

"Awarded for an undefeated season in Master League winning League, Cup and UEFA Champions League"

Last year, PES fans were left frustrated because the description suggested that you were allowed to draw games. As some of you will know, this wasn't the case. You had to win EVERY game.

However, this year, Konami have sorted it out and have corrected the error.

I can confirm this as I was rewarded with the achievement this afternoon, after a season with more-than-a-few draws!

... So don't worry guys, you are allowed to draw games. Just avoid defeat, win the treble, and the achievement is yours!

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