Daymos (And Macheda) To Release Npower 360 OF!

Published at 12:14 pm, Monday, 8 November 2010
Author: Mike Harvey |

Daymos and Macheda have released an option file that includes the Npower Championship - AND CUSTOM CHANTS (check out the video above).

Take a look at this very long post showing off the screenshots of the Premier League, Stuttgart, Wolfsburg, Palermo, several La Liga teams, and of course, the Npower Championship.

Full OF information and download links can be found here.

Due to limited editing options on the 360 (thanks Microsoft!!), you'll have a choice of two option files to install:

Version (a) - All npower team emblems complete with no emblems for the Bundesliga teams.

Version (b) - All Bundesliga emblems will be complete with no emblems for the npower teams.

Daymos v2 option file coming soon... Keep checking OPE to find out when you can start downloading the new OF!

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