Return Of The Glory Days?

I've been playing a lot of Master League recently, and I have to say... My love for PES is SO strong at the moment!

My enjoyment lead me to think; Is it possible to compare this game with PES6 on the PS2? - for me, the best thing that Konami have ever given us!

Seabass and his crew have been hard at work for the last 12 months, trying to give us the best game possible, which would finally allow the Pro Evo faithful to forget about the disappointments we got when we left old-gen PES.

Each year, my faith has always been strong - no matter what Konami gave me. I even enjoyed playing PES2008 (for me, my least favourite PES title). Despite playing hours upon hours of Master League on that game, I can't recall that many good memories from my time playing the game. I would never even think about mentioning it in the same sentence as PES6 (apart from just then obviously!).

PES2009 was an improvement, but it still had its faults. PES2010 was the same sort of story- another improved game, but there was still something missing - something that had been absent since the days of the Playstation 2.

But now, we fast forward to the present. We have PES2011. For me, it's still early days, but it appears that the majority of the PES community has remained satisfied, after the generally positive first impressions we had earlier this month, when we first got the retail copy.

Like I've suggested, I've always been pleased with PES, no matter how much the rest of the world dislikes it. Maybe I'm a little biased, but even so, that's just the way I am and I have always preferred playing Pro Evo, compared to FIFA (this has been mainly due to the online community, in terms of forums and such).

I've had PES2011 for nearly a month now, and I'm still ever so grateful to Konami, for giving me such an enjoyable game. But like anything in life, you must compare great things in order to measure how great they really are.

Am I fair in thinking that this game is worthy of being compared with PES6, or am I just getting ahead of myself?

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