Full Match Gameplay: Corinthians vs. Sao Paulo

Published at 11:35 am, Friday, 1 October 2010
Author: Mike Harvey |

Check out this video, showing off a full match on PES 2011. It's a game in Copa Libertadores mode, Corinthians vs. Sao Paulo.

It's good to hear Jim Beglin's voice - and even more relieving to know that we won't be hearing Lawro's expert analysis again this year.

Unfortunately, it appears that Jon Champion has been given the same script again - with a few new lines added obviously. I can understand that improving the commentary was relatively low down their list of things to do.

Also, the commentary seems to be rather quiet at times. But I feel that this is the case, because it's a Copa Libertadores match. No offence to the South American teams, but I'd imagine Konami have their priorities and would record more phrases and player names for players in the Champions League.

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