Who Needs Licensing Anymore?

Published at 2:47 pm, Monday, 27 September 2010
Author: Mike Harvey |

The full collection of screenshots can be found here.

WENB have posted up preview screenshots of their upcoming option file (which should be out on release day if all goes to plan...).

As you can see, the option file looks amazingly realistic. The kits, the faces, the Premier League patches... everything just looks so good.

Konami have been nice to us over the years, providing us with a insanely good Edit Mode. They've created a niche in the football gaming market, that only PES fans can brag about. The PES editing community is one to be proud about.

Yes, FIFA has its licenses. But we who play PES have the privilege to create anything we like.  Again, we'll be playing with ultra-realistic kits - as well as having the ability to modify anything if we wish. (pink Arsenal away kit anyone?)

... Anyway, like previously, using PES' Edit Mode this year will be an honour. And I for one, literally can't wait for the 8th now!

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