There Was Good, Now There's Bad... But Still No Ugly!

Published at 10:32 am, Friday, 17 September 2010
Author: Mike Harvey |

Yes, there's no ugly - I'm still loving the graphics in this game. It's far from ugly. It's beautiful!

... Anyway, I gave the demo some serious game time last night, and found a few things that I had to bring up. You may have noticed these, but I'd appreciate it if you read through my thoughts.

Yesterdays 'review' seemed a little too optimistic for me, and I'm sure you felt the same. But I've come to realise rather quickly that the demo isn't perfect. I have found faults, and other aspects of the demo that have generally annoyed me.

The first thing is the video you get after full time. I'm sorry Konami, but I don't want to know what's going to be in the final game of PES 2011 - I already know. I can understand them putting in the video, obviously. They need to showcase the new features of the game to the unaware segment of the target audience.

But there is simply no need to show such a long video, EVERY time after EVERY game.

Of course I will continue to play the demo, but I have to admit that the unnecessary 5 minute wait after each game is enough to make me consider loading up the FIFA11 demo - where you get a rematch option at full-time (a very fair idea to be honest). It's just so quick, easy and productive for both the developer and player. Obviously, developers don't want to give us a demo that is 'too playable', but I feel they have made a mistake - my opinions are expressed in more detail later.

Annoyingly, the PES-addiction for me is too strong and I can't let the demo go. I just watch TV for 5 minutes or so, just so I can kill time until the video ends.

On a less convincing note, I'm certain Konami have screwed up here. I know people who will quit playing the demo, because of the video that won't leave us all alone!

Anyway, getting on to the game...

I find the CPU hoofing the ball too often when I'm attacking. They don't even look where they are kicking it - they just kick it as high, and as hard as they can (even if they are facing their own goal, they still clear the ball over their own bar). This happened on Top Player too. I feel it would be more realistic, and definitely less repetitive/boring/predictable, if the CPU tried to pass it out sometimes - like a team would do in real life sometimes.

The goalkeepers are also complete let downs at times. The CPU is through on goal, 1-on-1 with my goalkeeper. As my defenders are too far away to catch him, I press Y to bring out my keeper. He doesn't slide... He doesn't even attempt to tackle. He just stands there, and the sprinting forward literally walks right through him. It's quite frustrating when you are unable to prevent your opponent scoring a goal. Despite this and other instances, they have been improved and I'm still thankful. The number of GK mistakes has certainly been lowered, which is uplifting to say the least.

The passing is quite tricky too. I wouldn't go as far as saying that it's a bad part of the game. But I could see casual players not giving it a chance, and not even trying to get used to the new passing system. Yes, I'm talking about those stubborn FIFA fans we've all come to hate! :P

Like an PES game, there are the odd refereeing mistakes - usually when I slide in, get the ball first, then the player - and somehow, it's a foul. Even though in real life, any educated football fan would define it as the perfect sliding tackle. Although like the goalkeeper situation, things have improved noticeably so I'm still content.

I'll end on giving a few suggestions to Konami. For next years demo...

  • Do not give us such a long video at full-time of every single game. We just want to play the game. The video is just wasting time.
  • If you still want to include the video, then why not just have a video section on the main menu screen? If people want to watch it, they'll watch it.
  • And if you still insist on having the video in and around gametime, then it should only be shown once each game session. You don't realise how many people you are putting off by including such a long video, every time players finish a game. PES

    I'll wrap it up now. On a final note, I'm still enjoying the demo and my initial impressions remain good. But I've come to realise the game isn't perfect, and the developers aren't marketing geniuses.

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