Rosters Not 100% Accurate In Final Code

Published at 1:13 pm, Thursday, 23 September 2010
Author: Mike Harvey |

Not the most worrying of news, but rosters will not be correct this year in PES. This came from a German review posted on WENB. The review stated that Mesut Özil remains in the Werder Bremen, despite securing a lucrative move to Spanish giants Real Madrid this summer.

For the majority of PES fans, this shouldn't be too much of a problem because there will be handfuls of option files that will wax out these errors - as well as giving us Premier League licensing. But I feel the newcomers may get unimpressed by Konami's laziness (I think that's the right word?) and opt to get FIFA - a game that's 99.9% accurate in terms of teams lists.

I'm not sure if it's laziness from Konami. It might not be. They could have a perfectly understandable reason. But it just fathoms me why they can't spend an extra hour or so going through the major summer transfers. It wouldn't take that long, surely?

And before you tell me, I know Konami will release DLC that will rectifiy these problems. But by that time, it'd be wasted time as the majority of us would have already downloaded an option file - not that the Konami DLC would be 100% accurate anyway...

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