Jeepers Keepers - The Fear Of The New PES Goalkeepers

Published at 1:56 pm, Monday, 13 September 2010
Author: Mike Harvey |

Like any PES-addicted man, I've kept a close eye on the Youtube videos currently being posted by hundreds of lucky fans who have got their hands on the demo early. Today I found this compilation video that showcases how much the goalkeepers have improved - I'm sure you'll agree that some of the saves are absolutely fantastic!

Like I've stated previously, I have yet to play the demo (I will have to wait until Wednesday for that to happen). But judging from that video, the goalkeepers appear to be too good. It's a relief to see the very noticeable improvement, obviously - but will the game be too hard to play if the goalkeeper saves the majority of shots that are heading for the top corner?

Konami have always been criticised for their lack of realism, but that's what I've liked about PES all these years. It's a much more enjoyable game for me, compared to FIFA. But will these super saves occur too often, creating an enjoyable and frustrating unrealistic game?

Give us a shout if you've played the demo, as the video could just be highlighting the good saves, whilst missing out the mistakes.

On a more optimistic note, the skills in this particular video look really, really smooth. I'm rather impressed!

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