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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

PES 2016: myClub users to receive reward bonuses

If you've been a regular on the PES 2015 edition of myClub, you may already be eligible to receive an array of extra bonuses for PES 2016.

Announcing the news via their PES Online Portal, Konami have confirmed that all users whose PES 2015 myClub squad includes a player that has an overall rating of 80 or more will be given (at least) one Special Agent for PES 2016.

Whether you're new to myClub or you've been playing since launch and just want to increase your bonuses, don't forget that Konami will determine who gets what on August 27th.

Read below for the official announcement:

Reward Bonus for myClub users from PES2015 to PES2016 
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (PES2016) customers who currently play myClub in Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 (PES2015) will be offered a reward bonus when starting the mode in the new game based upon the player list in current myClub as below. 
・Those who have more than 2 players with overall rating 90+.
->3 Special Agents who can sign with players with overall rating 80+
・Those who have more than 1 player with overall rating 87+.
->2 Special Agents who can sign with players with overall rating 80+
・Those who have more than 1 player with overall rating 80+.
->1 Special Agent who can sign with players with overall rating 80+
*The bonus will be determined based upon the play data on 27/08/2015 04:00 (UTC).
*Only the best one of these bonuses will be offered if a customer meets 2 or more conditions.
*The bonus will be offered only when customers play PES2016 with same account ID as PES2015. 
Please bear in mind that the bonuses cannot be offered In case the platform is different.
(For example: PES2015 is being played in PS3, and PES2016 will be played in PS4.)

Meanwhile, Konami have confirmed myClub coins for PES 2015 will not carry over to PES 2016.
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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Konami reveal PES 2016 20th Anniversary Edition

To celebrate two decades of Pro Evolution Soccer, Konami are offering fans a very special anniversary edition of PES 2016.

Available to pre-order from Amazon UK, die-hard supporters of the series will receive a collectable Steelbook (above), as well as an array of myClub bonuses with their copy of PES 2016.

20th Anniversary Edition - Amazon UK
Exclusive to PS4 in the UK
  • 1x Steelbook and Slipcase
  • 1x UEFA TOTY 2014 player
  • 1x Neymar (permanent signing)
  • 10,000GP for 20 weeks
  • 20x Recovery Items
  • 5x Player Contracts
  • 1,000 myClub coins

Day One Edition - Zavvi / Amazon UK
PS4 / Xbox One / PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC
  • 1x UEFA TOTY 2014 player
  • 1x Neymar (10-match loan)
  • 10,000GP for 10 weeks
  • 10x Recovery Items
  • 3x Player Contracts

Create a new Zavvi acount and use the code WELCOME at checkout to SAVE A FURTHER 10% when ordering the Day One Edition.
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Friday, 19 June 2015

PES 2016: PC version 'not the same' as PS4 or Xbox One

The PC version of PES 2016 will not be the same as the PS4 or Xbox One editions, Adam Bhatti has confirmed.

Speaking to Winning Eleven Blog during E3, the PES European Product Manager has discussed how the PC version "will have its own entity", while also differing from what's planned for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Although most users will consider this as bad news, Bhatti has stated there are plans to release an 'early demo' to help PC users decide if their version "is good enough" before they decide whether or not to purchase the full game.

The 20-minute interview also looks at the game's new collision system, goalkeepers, Master League, online play, and confirmation of enhanced graphics for Xbox One.

Video Summary:

- PC version to 'have its own entity' (Konami are planning to release an 'early demo' for PC users).

- 'Future of PES is bright', thanks to Fox Engine. Animations and collision system massively improved. Features to be added right up until launch day (whatever doesn't make it into PES 2016 will be redeveloped and made even better for PES 2017).

- Goalkeepers more intelligent, with a larger variation of playing styles - such as: shot-stoppers, punchers and catchers. One-handed saves and loads of new animations also confirmed.

- New stadiums confirmed, including the Arena Corinthians (more expected to be revealed at gamescom).

- Colours and textures will be polished once all 2016/17 kits have been added to the game.

- Konami are looking to rework R2 (controlled) shots. Bhatti admits they were too effective last year, and stresses importance of fiding the right balance.

- Master League: re-worked transfer system will see users apply things like appearance bonuses and trading. And if they wish to, users are now able to stop the calender every single day.

- 1080p confirmed for PS4 (same as PES 2015). For Xbox One, Konami are working towards same level, although current resolution stands at 1360x1080 (which looks virtually the same as full 1080p).
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Thursday, 18 June 2015

PES 2016 at E3: More Gameplay Videos

Another day, another PES 2016 gameplay video from E3. This time, we see PlayStation Access' Rob Pearson - alongside colleague/co-commentator David Jackson - taking on Andre Bronzoni of Konami.

With Brazil, Germany, Juventus and Roma all involved, the 24-minute video features two full matches recorded directly from the PS4 version of PES 2016.

Watch below or scroll down for some screenshots of the new-and-improved Game Plan menu:

Game Plan menu:

Player hexagons are back!

'Press and hold X' to edit player positions or tap X to swap players around. Unlike PES 2015, you can do all this on the same screen!
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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

PES 2016: E3 screenshots for Edit mode, Master League + myClub

With E3 2015 kicking off today in Los Angeles, Konami have released a brand new batch of PES 2016 screenshots.

With improved menus and visuals for both Master League and myClub, there's also in-game screens showcasing the new Image Import feature which will be available for both PlayStation consoles this year.

Announced last week, PS4 (for the first time) and PS3 users will be able to create their own custom kits, emblems and manager icons by importing images via USB.

Unfortunately, the feature will be exclusive to PlayStation; this - in the words of Adam Bhatti - will remain the case until 'Microsoft open up their console'.

Edit mode:

Master League:


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